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Estefania H.

Lynda was able to coach me during a very dark time in my life. I was going through a divorce, I was facing the repercussions of some bad choices, and through all of that she helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to change the way I thought about pretty much anything going on in my life. Despite all the bad things, I was able to see the positive aspects of my life.


It all started with waking up each day and deciding it was not going to be a bad day, and nothing could change that because I was deciding that. And if I did have a problem, I reached out to her and she helped me recenter my thoughts to the positivity. It was truly life changing and the things I learned with her I still use today, over two years later. Thank you Lynda for your guidance and positive vibes! Speak it into existence.

Susy P.

Lynda Richard has a huge heart and a deep understanding of the dynamics of marriage. She is a patient listener. When I share with her, I never feel judged or rushed or pressured in any way. I always feel safe and validated. She has the ability to hold the space for healing in a way that allowed me to uncover what I was feeling most deeply.


She gave me the space to work through my anger, pain, disappointment and regret and more importantly to get to the others side of it. Working with Lynda empowered and supported me to make clear, kind decisions from a place of love and compassion. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks clarity and support for their relationship.


She is wise, skilled and capable of helping her clients sift through painful emotions and find the beauty and truth underneath. I trust Lynda and am so grateful for her wisdom, gentleness and generosity. She helped me to see things differently and to let go of my reactivity and old patterns of drama and blame. She is an expert relationship coach!

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